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The Extremely Enthusiastic!

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

The extremely enthusiastic couple from Jordan got married by the Mediterranean sea and at Galu Seaside Venue.Following months of planning and organising, the day was finally here. Saad and Beisan celebrated their wedding reception amongst family and friends in Larnaca, Cyprus.

The wedding theme was a very simple Mediterranean inspired design, with soft shades and hues of green and whites. The wreaths on the tables created an organic style thanks to the textures and colours of the eucalyptus and olive leaves. The bride had an olive leaf hairpiece that matched the overall theme of the wedding. She later switched to a more casual floral crown that complimented the relaxed feel of the reception. As for her bouquet, she opted for a messy white and green one with roses, eucalyptus leaves, hydrangeas, and olive stems.

Galu Seaside looks like such a beautiful wedding venue in Larnaca. Their laid-back setting, just footsteps from the beach creates the perfect scenery for any wedding reception, ceremony, or event. The open-air space allows you to watch an unfiltered absolutely gorgeous sunset, as well as savour on the reflection the moonlight makes on the sea surface, all while sipping champagne and wishing on the stars. The vibe of this wedding day looks totally laid back, yet somehow still refined. A weeding planned by: The Wedding Haven Coordinated by: Save the Date Visual Arts by: IIVVII and Philip Soteriou.

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