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Velvet Pumpkin

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Today we present an editorial everyone will fall in love with.

The Dream maker team and associates was naturally inspired as we were located in the dreamy space of Galu in Larnaca with the deep blue sea and the clear sky as our canvas. After all blue is the colour of 2020.

If it wasn’t dreamy enough we were soon surrounded by hundreds of blue balloons from Bella Balloona, harmoniously blended with wonderful flowers creating a modern piece of art combined with rustic elements.

The candy wall was absolutely delicious!

Fairytale velvet pumpkins in the shades of blue and white were protagonists in the table decorations complimented by beautifully set details.

And of course the vintage wooden table decorated with colorful spring flowers, scented candles, elegant cutlery, and artistic graphics was a trip to a blossomed dreamy valley in my mind.

Words are simply not enough to describe my experience, so please enjoy through my “eyes”.


1. Project Designer & Florals: Dream Maker

3. Venue: Galu Seaside

4. Balloons: Bella Ballona

5. Cakes: Fairy Cakes

6. Printing and Graphics: Copytex Copy Centre & Design Services

7. Candles & Gift Favors : Sugar & Spice Delicious Body Treats

8. Rentals & Flower supplier : S&A Stylianou

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