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About Philip

I love my job.

I know many people say that, but I truly love being there to capture every single moment of your special occasion!  I love to laugh, and laughter is of my favourite things to capture!

Nothing is more valuable to me than seeing someone smile freely and happily. To me, photography is all about the candid and natural moments and filling it with an artistic explosion. I believe in simplicity and letting the creativity flow for innovation in the captured moment. I have my own unique and individual style to capture the story of your life. For creating a flawless and photogenic moment, I am open to new ideas as well. My aim is to focus, inspire, and showcase my pampering creativity for you.

I am Philip Soteriou, and I live in Cyprus. By profession, I am a photographer in Cyprus who loves to capture timeless looks and reinvent moments. I believe in hard work and consistency, and that’s why I never rest and am always on a quest!

I also believe that without zeal, enthusiasm, and passion, you can’t see your dreams come true. Besides having all these essential ingredients, I inject maximum creativity in my work, and that’s the most significant professional demand. Last but not least, I believe in magic! 

I describe my work as a mix between photojournalistic and editorial styles. I have professional experience in the fields of Weddings, Portraits, and Baptisms. I enjoy photography of all aspects, but my most favourite occasions to capture are Weddings and Baptisms.

I just love to be at a wedding where a lot of glittering smiley faces surround me, and I wish to catch those enthralling and fortuitous moments precisely the way they unfold. You don’t have to worry about anything, simply enjoy the moment, and I will introduce my creativity.

Baptisms are just fantastic occasions saturated with smiles and laughter. A joyful occasion where family and closest friends gather around to welcome your baby to the world. Everyone feels so moved, and it really inspires me every single time.

It’s always such a thrilling and overwhelming experience for me to capture someone when they’re at the peak of a beautiful smile or laughter. Those spontaneous moments really bring such great satisfaction to me. For me, it is almost like a perfect portrait moment.

It is how I like to roll and work with creativity in my professional life.

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